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    Cloud chaos

    In the rush to the cloud some of the fundamental practices that traditionally governed how organisations operated have altered, especially around how IT is purchased – centrally, departmentally and individually. The result can be ‘cloud chaos’ with the potential to impact performance, revenues and opportunities.

    Paul Birkin, CTO at Capita IT Enterprise Services believes that there are several factors which are limiting the effectiveness of cloud adoption.

    By ‘cloud chaos’ we mean three things:

    • The ‘multiple choice’ effect - the freedom of being able to purchase from multiple suppliers on multiple platforms can result in added complexity.
    • The ‘benefit rush’ effect - with organisations rushing their journey to the cloud to embrace its benefits, have they limited their potential ROI through lack of thorough planning?
    • The ‘entry point’ effect - where different approaches in cloud service procurement can lead to gaps to cloud adoption strategy.

    Find out if you are experiencing cloud chaos, how you may have got there and what you can do about it. We'll also tell you how to make sense of it all and propose the solution.

    Also included in the viewpoint is...

    • Top things to include in your cloud strategy
    • The role of the CTO in chaos resolution
    • Top things to look for in a cloud provider
    • How Capita Private Cloud could be your solution 

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