Capita Software Services to launch a new software

Tuesday 30 September 2008

Capita Software Services to launch a new software

Local authority Benefits Services to gain from improved process.

Capita Software Services and SunGard join forces to launch new software.

Capita Software Services and SunGard Public Sector today announced a joint initiative to help local authorities carry out automated risk assessment as part of the housing and council tax benefit process. The new offering, known as a ‘Risk and Verification Portal’ will allow authorities shared access to a range of search functions. This software, the first of its kind, will provide real-time risk analysis and the introduction of a national claimant search, resulting in a streamlined verification process.

Designed to simplify the benefit verification process, the risk and verification portal has been engineered to complement and enhance the existing benefit assessment process.  
Furthermore, it broadens the search process by allowing a more thorough check to be carried out automatically on the claimant. For example, the national search function can assess if a person is claiming housing and council tax benefits within any local authority and therefore prevent people claiming at different addresses simultaneously. This will help identify and prevent fraud and error.

Paul Millard, operations director of Capita Software Services, commented: “By collaborating with SunGard we have created a user friendly system whereby local authorities can carry out risk assessment in real time. Customers will benefit by having their claims processed quicker as early trials have shown that 61 per cent of claims fall into the ‘low’ risk category and therefore will qualify for the more streamlined verification process. We feel this is a really positive step in tackling challenges that local authorities face in administering housing and council tax benefits.”

Two councils are already considering implementing this technology. Both the London Borough of Lambeth and Glasgow City Council are due to pilot the risk and verification portal over the next couple of months.

John Gibson, CEO of SunGard Public Sector (UK), commented: “Working jointly with Capita Software Services has enabled us to develop a streamlined verification process. The customer’s claim can be completed seamlessly ensuring the people that need benefit most receive their payments faster. This will greatly reduce the administrative burden as well as provide time and cost efficiencies"

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